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They should call winter the silly season, because you end up doing all kinds of things you would think twice about otherwise. Maybe it is something about those crisp blue skies and that cool breeze that never gets too cold in Bangalore that sets you off and soon you are doing crazy stuff which you would never do otherwise. For instance, I found myself buying reams of pretty tinsel, a pair of crochet needles (a pointless buy since I don’t know how to crochet) another box of plum cake complete with plump raisins (not a good idea when you’ve set a target goal weight by December 31) and suchlike. And as if all this was not enough, I went one step further, and enrolled for a makeup class too.

I must say however that I learnt some valuable tips in this class and that’s where my story begins…


The classes held by this particular makeup company gives you total value for money (because you get back in products what you pay as fees) and you can opt for a one-on-one session or a regular class with many other students. Now, since this was an impulse decision, I decided on a solo class and how I enjoyed being a student taught by an efficient young teacher!

First things first and I had to ask my teacher this question. Why do women need to know how to do a bit of makeup? Shouldn’t a smidgen of kohl (or kajal) and a hint of lipstick/lip gloss do? Who needs so much makeup anyway? My teacher shrugged. It really is a matter of choice, she said, but on the other hand — she had noticed that most women use far too much kohol or kajal in their eyes and too much brown or red lipstick on the lips. Any more makeup than that is only reserved for special occasions. But today, life is all about making that great first impression at work or any social occasion. So, learn to do makeup well. Ignorance is not the answer – she concluded.

Well, here are a few tips I picked up that afternoon…

  • Do not apply any makeup without using moisturising cream first. Only well hydrated skin can hold other creams and powders.
  • Do not despise the fabulous effects of primer and sunscreen.
  • For dark blemishes that need to be camouflaged, use an orange corrector before using a concealer. Flaws disappear like magic.
  • Use feather like strokes of a brush or your fingers while applying makeup. Most of us use a very heavy hand and we end up taking off makeup, instead of adding it. Settle pigments by patting them down.
  • Your brushes should be of the best quality possible or you could tear or hurt your skin.
  • Do not use kajal or kohl in the eyes as it smudges under the eye. Use an eye pencil instead.
  • Lip pencil has to be used over the entire lip before applying lipstick.


For more tips, you will have to call me up or go for a class yourself, but let me tell you, it is totally worth it.

I know the big question in your mind is… did it all look good eventually? Or did I look like a walking paint box? My teacher seemed thrilled with the results of her craftsmanship, but I am not used to seeing all my flaws disappearing into thin air. For me, the biggest drawback was — I didn’t look quite like myself at all.

So I went into a dark and pensive mood once the class ended. I wondered– is beauty skin deep or does it emanate from deep within? Seeing the large basket of makeup that went into making the perfect face, I had no answer. When I think about it, some of the most beautiful women I know use no makeup at all. And yet, a little bit of makeup goes a long way for so many of my friends.

Therefore the makeup lesson I really learnt was this… whether you want a big kit or small bag of cosmetic products to do up your face every day is your choice… but remember that it is our small flaws that make us special. Don’t let too much makeup take that away!




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