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Girls, if you’ve been shopping of late, you would have noticed that the shops are inundated with printed trousers. I finally mustered up courage to buy a pair and sure enough, it has been totally liberating.

I guess I am one of those people, who associate prints with the laid back life. Printed pyjamas to lounge in, polka dotted shorts to sleep in and colourful pants with happy motifs for a day on the beach. However, the thought of going to work, shopping in the malls and walking down the streets in trousers printed with all kinds of patterns still gives me goose bumps — but hey, here I am – now one of the many fashionistas loving prints and ditching my jeans for the summer.

The big problem with wearing prints is being unsure of the right motifs for you. I mulled over this dilemma for a long time, and did my research by watching the best dressed women in the city. The options out there are mind boggling. Should I wear pretty floral trousers? Wide legged palazzos with animal prints? Skinny pants with abstract motifs? Or should I throw caution to the winds and buy a pair of striped pants?

It is important to know your shortcomings while choosing your clothes, especially if you are going shopping for printed trousers. If you are heavy below the waist, keep the trouser prints dark and small. Remember your printed trousers will be making your fashion statement for you, so draw attention only to the features that will accentuate and enhance your look. Keep the top half of your ensemble simple, either by wearing solid colours or by wearing a black or white T-shirt. Throw on a jacket or blazer if you are off to work or if you want to look super sexy. But – please don’t use prints all over, unless you are below 12!

I must say, that once I had bought my printed trousers, buying the top to go with it was just as hard. The secret of making this look work, I discovered, lies in choosing the right colour from your printed trousers and buying a top in that shade to create a look of pleasant harmony.

Beauty tip:

Have you heard of the eye primer? I am sure you have but you may have been just as sceptical as I have about how useful it is. But girls—it is sheer magic. It smooths the eyelids, gives them a gentle glow and holds on to eye shadow all day. A must buy, I say! Get in touch with me if you want to know the brands I like best.

So, brighten up your summer days with a bunch of joyful prints and a dash of cool eye primer. It is time to bring in the season with a bit of adventure.




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