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I must say I was pleasantly surprised the other day at a social event when a number of friends came over to comment on the little zipper detail along the ankles of my leggings. One of my friends said, “Do you know– I could not pay attention to anything else because I was dying to know where you found something so unique. So where did you find this?” The other girls looked like they would have whipped out notepads to write down my answer, but to my chagrin, I could not remember anything nor could I find anything clever to say.

However, I have been on a roll ever since. Whether it is a hair accessory with giant stones, or a jacket with faux Swarovski or a stole that is washed in brilliant hues, I’ve managed to draw some interest in my clothes, though I must say my efforts have been rather juvenile. But I have a friend who wears one special accessory each time, like an oversized coat, a pair of cat eye shaped reading glasses or a stole that reaches her feet or a handbag big enough to fit all the files of the country – and she looks like she just stepped off the ramps of Paris.

That’s the secret really. All you need to do is to add a personal touch to an outfit, like a special piece of jewellery, an unusual set of buttons, a scarf with bright motifs or just a pair of mind blowing shoes to make a trend personal and to give it a signature touch…

 And so, here’s a style resolution for the New Year for you: Create some trends of your own in 2014 and copy only the trends you love.

But first things first. The New Year brings with it a wave of new international fashion trends and there are some looks that I love this year. I am listing out a few that I think are really hot and worth trying out.

The first trend is the ‘midi dress’ that is poised to be big news this year. This is a dress that falls down to the calf and skims your knees. Though this look was frumpy when it came out many decades ago, today it is stunning, because the new midi dresses cling to your curves and are available in slim silhouettes. So, if you’ve been putting off wearing a dress, because the mini dress did not suit you and you are not too comfortable about showing off your knees, this is your year to embrace a new trend. The midi dress has an array of necklines to choose from, like the cowl, the wrap and the collar. Just make sure you do not choose wear baggy or ill fitting midi dresses because the beauty of this trend will be lost on you.

Another hot trend this year is the return of classic whites. If you don’t own a crisp white shirt already, you now have an excuse to buy one. Make sure you buy a blouse, shirt or shirtdress that is clear white, preferably button down and with some unusual detailing like an attached necktie or a scarf or a unique collar. You could also wear a dazzling white shirt with blue jeans for that chic look that never goes out of style.

The other big trend is embroidery that is back in style now. This is where you can go local because some of the best handwork is done by our own tailors and seamstresses. Captured by Oscar de la Renta this year in a line of party dresses, and described by the fashion press as hot because it is so exquisite, this trend is making a buzz already.  The timeless beauty of fine embroidery has no parallel, so make sure to add an embroidered dress to your summer shopping list in 2014.

And of course, everyone loves to know the colours of the season and believe it or not there are many colours to choose from this year. The Pantone Colour of 2014 is Radiant Orchid (for those who might not know, Pantone is an international authority on colour and colour systems). Royal orchid is a blend of fuchsia, purple and pink. The fashion runways saw an abundance of olive, orange and lemon too. So, you can safely put away ‘green’ which was the big colour last year and try a new spectrum of colours in your wardrobe for spring and summer.

A final beauty tip:

Girls – if you love the BB cream for the face, you can now await the Body BB. This cream will wipe away the blemishes on the skin so you can show off clear arms and legs when you wear a sleeveless dress or a mini skirt. Not available in your city yet? Use foundation mixed with cream for now in all your problem areas. But remember… this could rub off on your clothes, so use it sparingly. The Body BB will however will give your skin an even tone and will not smudge your clothing too. It may take a short while for it to arrive in a store near you but grab it when it does!





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