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Do you have a hate list for the fashion season?
I know I do. I think it is as important as having a ‘Things-I-love list, because according to me, you should always know what’s haute and what’s not. It is the only way you will know the trends you should be wary of, what to avoid and what you could experiment with, despite the naysayers.
But first things first. Let me begin with the trends I love this year…
Polka Dots? It’s thumbs up from me – I love the way it channels Coco Chanel.
Gallery worthy sartorial creations, complete with art deco prints and abstract motifs? Gorgeous!
Clothes with floral patterns in happy bouquets? Always welcome! I’m all for bringing in the last of the summer muse even as monsoon winds are blowing through our part of the world.
Red lipstick? A big yes from me. I always think it is the perfect LBD (little black dress) for the lips!
Now, here’s my other list that should bring fashion police to the door…
Too many prints:
Okay, I know how beautiful prints are, but I find that too many prints in one ensemble can come across as weird. It is interesting that now you can wear florals with other motifs but more than 2 prints, patterned into one outfit? Maybe not.
Whitening, no! Brightening, yes!
This is a trend that makes me quite annoyed. Almost every skin care brand seems to have brought out a range of whitening products. What exactly are we trying to whiten? And why? No-one is quite sure but apparently, these products often fly off the shelf. But let me enumerate the dangers here, courtesy a well known dermatologist. The adverse effects of these creams often show up much later in life. There could be strange hyperpigmentation which develops and many other skin problems that erupt that can be traced back to whitening agents. Is the idea of looking fair for a few days, worth the big price you pay later? Of course, there are some good skin care brands out there that do not cause any skin problems, but I would still opt for radiance boosting products for a special night than weeks of using whitening cream.
The No-Makeup Look
Girls, I know it is a type of inverse snobbery to say that you don’t wear makeup, but my advice is – don’t skip the sunscreen. And if you have achieved the no makeup look with nude makeup, I would say, don’t! There is nothing as dreary as colourless lips that match your beige foundation. A little colour does go a long way.
The platforms
I am not sure why this on my hate list. Some of the summer platform wedges with their winding ropes and radiant colours are very pretty. However I think my dislike stems from the fact that trying to walk gracefully in them, never works. You might feel steadier than you do when you wear stilettos but you will eventually find yourself clomping around — and this is never a pleasant sight.
As for the rest of my Hate list, it will pop up periodically. Watch this space for more.



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