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Some years ago when I went to a store to buy a pair of blue jeans, size 34 and with a bit of stretchy fabric around the waist – and found that the waif-thin lady at the counter was appalled. What size did you say again, her eyes seemed to say as her lips curled into a sneer at the very idea of elastic bands on any part of a garment. I left the store with two decisions: to begin a fitness routine and to fight for my right to real fashion.

I did neither, of course, as time and work took its toll on me. But I was delighted to discover some months ago, when I went back to the same store and found that things had changed. A warm and lovely salesgirl now offered to show me a number of jeans in a spectrum of sizes and styles and beautiful, stretchy fabric everywhere. “The idea is to keep you comfortable,” she said and left me to make my choice, among sizes that ranged from S, M, L. XL, XXL and XXXL. Wow!

So, when I read recently about visionary fashion designers and stylists celebrating age, and employing models who are aged anywhere between 60 to 84 on the runways to show how cool older people can be, I was delighted. Fashion was finally embracing age, size and height and what a revolution it is turning out to be. Everyone has figured out, that men and women want to look good, no matter what their age, size or weight may be. Of course, there is a business angle to these developments because the report also mentions that fashion retailers have realized that people over 65 spend the most on fashion and are often the healthiest besides being the wealthiest.

The trend is trickling down across the world and through our country too. Several designers and stores now create clothes in all sizes and right from T-shirts, tops, dresses, fitness wear, trousers and shoes, there is a world of newly sized garments for the Indian woman.

So I am a happy shopper now, no longer looking for a tailor to customise the clothes that I have bought and no longer worried what the sales lady will think of the sizes I buy. What a long way we have come!

Beauty tip:

Get highlights in your hair this season as the bright sunlight of our hot summer mornings reflects off the colours and makes your face radiant too. Don’t be scared to experiment. I chose a mix of copper and bronze and my friend chose silver blond highlights and we were both right!






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