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Is bright always right?

Posted on: April 21, 2017

Summer is a great time to wear white and pastels, and I have lost count of the number of articles that I have recently read about it keeping it light and bright during the hot days of summer. So, when I went to the stores last week, I picked up everything I could find that was in white, soft rose, cool pistachio, sea foam and tender peach. I chose fabrics like beautiful mulmul, cool linen and crisp cotton. I should have been summer-ready, but one look at the mirror and I knew I wasn’t.

You guessed it. The simple reason was — white is not always right for everyone. It may help us look cool and summery and oh-so-fresh but if you were to look closer, you would notice that it is possible to look washed out, duskier and heavier, too. And while, it is good to flaunt sun kissed skin and beach-perfect attire, how do you look your best in whites and pastels?

The secret, I realized (alas, after much expensive experimentation) lies in wearing the right shade of the colour and dressing it up with warm colours that bring the glow back on the cheeks and the fire back into the complexion. Start with a bright neck piece in emerald green or fiery ruby, throw a light-as-air scarf around in your neck that is dyed in shades of cobalt blue, mandarin orange or mustard yellow. Add colourful accessories close to the face so that the hues reflect off the whites and pastels, blend with the sunshine all around you and make you appear brighter, edgier and more stylish too. Also remember, to choose the right whites and pastels, like rich cream instead of sparkling white and golden beige instead of sober khaki. Keep your clothes fitted or wear a belt with a loose garment, so that the lighter colours will not add girth. Wearing garments with long or V-shaped necklines and footwear with pointy toes and heels will also help you appear slimmer.

Beauty tip– Have you tried the beauty booster shots in the stores now? You need to add a dash of a skin booster cream to your face cream, and voila – you can look more radiant and energetic instantly. A favourite booster product of mine is from Clarins and nowadays, I keep a few extra tubes in stock so that I will never run out.

Have a wonderfully summery week, enjoying the glorious sunshine of the season and the April showers too!




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